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My approach focuses on addressing the root cause to any of your symptoms.


Your problem will be treated by a range of methods, skills and trainings.


These include emotional detox to help make room for positive change, distant kinesiology to help identify exactly what you are feeling, alongside intuitive guidance and suggestions on diet, nutrition and natural products.


I have an innate ability to cut straight through to the core which accelerates my process of wellbeing.

Thorough examination is given to lifestyle and relationship influences and experiences. You will learn how to master your emotions, face unmet needs, stop limiting beliefs and negative patterns and take back control of your life so that your relationships and health improve. New skills and patterns of behaviour will help you manage stress and give you freedom to be you. This in turn will bring about relaxation, joy and happiness.


Treatment time is 1 to 3 hours which brings about change and improvement, often from the very first session. Bigger and more complex issues will take longer. Should you need physical therapy you will be advised on that too. I will also ask you to fill in my Email Questionnaire (that I will send) to maximise your time spent with me.

Yes, I'd like to book my free 15 minute consultation or book and pay for my sessions


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