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Session times are for one or two hours. Sometimes great change can take place quickly. Most often you will need a course of sessions scheduled at regular intervals for full and complete transformation to take place. You save 10% when you book 3 or 6 sessions plus you will also receive an appropriate free gift. Please click on a payment button below and a Vitali-Chi link will open in a new window. Thank you,

I look forward to working with you.  All the best, Jill

One Hour

Ideal for one off single sessions when you have an unresolved problem. 


Two Hour

For larger problems. Allows more time for the issues to be identified with clear direction and summary.


6 x One Hour

Recommended for long term problems.  Weekly shorter sessions so that you don't lose momentum with my transformational process. (Save 10%)


3 x Two Hour

Necessary for all complex  in depth problems that need to follow  a program of change. (Save 10%)

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